Smoobage is an esoteric word for something you really love!

My husband and I made up the word Smoobage and are each other’s Smoobage.   Our daughter is also our little Smoobie.  It was and is a term of endearment that we have now attributed it to a myriad of items that we sell and call Smoobage.  Being that many of the items are made with love, these items are the artists Smoobage.

The seeds of smoobage were planted long ago as a creator of art myself.    Participating in many craft fairs and a strong retail background led me to opening a brick and mortar.   This beautiful space for artists to sell their wares was established in 2012.  It has been evolving to include fair trade, things that have a story or an ethic and whose business practices are that of respect for the people and the planet.

Sometimes we get all caught up in life and the controls set in front of us.  We are conditioned as a society to adhere to the guidelines that are put forth by a people and society that has grown and flourished only for the dollar and not to show consideration to our own health and the planet.   Here at Smoobage we take out the guessing and lead our buyers to the ethical choices.   It is kind of like the health food store of the retail gift shops.

“Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want”  -Anna Lappe

Many of items here at Smoobage are handmade by local artisans.  We also have the fair trade variety of gifts from around the world.   We strive to look for companies that take caring to the next level.  Caring about what materials are used where they come from.   We buy from reputable companies who donate to worthy causes and are making a difference.

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